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Cruelty-Free Products Made from Recycled Materials

SexToySutra appreciates fine design when it comes to sex toys and accessories. However, one that doesn’t compromise on personal ethics is even better. Bijoux Indiscrets have outdone themselves with the beautiful new MAZE collection. The collection features several different designs and two colour choices, black and tan. From thin hand and knee cuffs to restraints and harnesses, the possibilities of dressing up and dressing down makes these erotic accessories practical and stylish.

H Harness

MAZE is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. It is also made from recycled materials which mean it is better for the environment. Designed in Barcelona, Bijoux Indiscrets masters the art of seduction without being too obvious in giving away the purpose of each product. Their vibrator, for instance, is in the shape of a gold diamond. While these products take on a more erotic and revealing approach, the quality and design make these accessories wearable art and jewellery. Wear with, without, under, or over your clothes for the ultimate BDSM-inspired look that looks elegant and chic.

Maze packaging

Delivered in dark sleek box, each MAZE Collection item is beautifully packaged and wrapped to ensure a safe delivery. Just as their name states, each package is discreet and shows no sign of the contents within! Within each box, we had a different product. In the first box we have the Tassel Choker in Black and the second box featured the popular H Harness in black. We review both below!

H Harness

The HHarness reveals what’s on show in the front and in the back. Matching perfectly with dresses, tops and sexy lingerie sets, this bondage harness is a real statement piece. When you first take the H Harness out of the box, don’t be intimidated if the non-leather is slightly stiff. The material softens and shapes to your body the more you wear it.

Maze products are all adjustable so don’t worry too much about body size. With an adjustable collar around the neck and another around the waist, pick the most comfortable notch that fits you best. We love how the harness works with your boobs/chest area and doesn’t restrain or cause any pressure. The material is soft and does not feel restricting when moving around.


Tassel Choker

The Tassel Choker is another statement piece that works well over outfits, lingerie, or as your only item of clothing/accessories. Both parties benefit from this choker as it can be used during foreplay, sex and ignite sparks when worn over regular clothes. The choker has two pins and a range of notches so you can adjust the level of tightness you wish. The loose tassel is made up of thin non-leather strips which can be used for gripping, whipping, and so much more.

Each accessory comes with gold detailing and metal which gives the style an elegant look. Wear before during and after playtime for a sexy look your partner won’t be able to resist!

In case you need to clean your items…use a little bit of water on a soft damp cloth. You can also use a small amount of neutral soap but be careful of discoloration if you use corrosive liquids. Avoid scrubbing to keep the “leather” detailing.

Browse through the MAZE Collection directly on Bijoux Indiscret’s site!

Images courtesy of Bijoux Indiscrets with SexToySutra editing. 

Lovehoney 2017 sex toy deals
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