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Sex Toy Buyers GuideThe SexToySutra Sex Toy Buyers guide has been developed over a lot of time with a lot of experience to help you “The Sex Toy Buyer” ask yourself all of the important questions when it comes to buying a new pleasure device or kinky outfit.

Whether you are a complete beginner to sex toys or a seasoned pro this guide is useful for all levels of sex toy practitioners as even the most experienced often overlook a few things when going for some kinky shopping!

Are you a male or female?

Of course, there are sex toys for both genders, both vibrators, and dildos in most cases can be used by either sex, however, there are also ranges of sex toys for women and sex toys for men. There are also toys for couples, such as sex furniture.

Are you buying your first sex toy?

A: If you are buying your first sex toy we highly recommend considering rampant rabbits, bullet vibrators or a dildo.

It’s also recommended to not have eyes bigger than your removed, start small and work your way up.

There are beginners kits for anal and vaginal play that can ease you in slowly and literally.

What kind of sexual pleasures do you enjoy and wish to enjoy?

A: If you are female are you looking for clitoral stimulation sex toys, toys penetration and pleasuring the g-spot? maybe you want a toy which delivers both at the same time or perhaps you are interested in anal stimulation toys?

Decide what your expectations are before you begin your shop, even if that means you need to get a few different toys for various scenarios and occasions. Our favorite intro to anal sex toys are items such as butt plugs and anal beads to start with.

What size toy should you buy?

A: The size toy you should buy if it is a dildo or vibrator should be something that is not going to damage you. If you are smaller then you should consider starting at the lower end and go for something 4-6 inches and then if that does not suffice you can purchase something larger.

Keep in mind we go up to some very large sizes and sometimes your eyes can be bigger than your… ahem. If that is your thing though we stock some very large dildos.

What type of sexual stimulation is right for you?

A: Different people take pleasure from different forms of penetration and stimulation. Some people can only orgasm from clitoral attention while others only from penetrative sex putting pressure on the G-Spot. So it is a case of trial and error as this is very much subjective.

Try clitoral toys like bullets, butterflys or using a regular vibrator externally to see if you prefer that type of pleasure, then try penetrative play with vibrators and dildos and see if you prefer that type. Don’t forget some people love both and that is probably why the famous Rampant rabbit became so popular as it was an early product to stimulate both clitorally and penetratively.

Are you allergic to any particular types of plastic, rubber or silicone?

A: Please be aware that some products are made with materials which you may have an allergic reaction to.

Sure this is rare but still a possibility to consider when buying toys you are going to use both externally and internally.

It is also important to ensure toys are thoroughly cleaned before AND after use to avoid any irritation or poor hygiene.

Bondage Toys, Accessories & Equipment

A: Not exactly looking for toys? but something a little darker? Then check out our comprehensive range of bondage gear.

NEVER FORGET – Batteries! We advise buying rechargeable batteries and a charger if your device takes the standard AAA or AA batteries that most do. This saves money in the long term and is good for the environment.

For cleaning products and batteries etc check out our Sex Toy Essentials.

All sex toys and products are sent out in discreet packaging so nobody will ever know what you are purchasing.

Some sex toys may irritate your skin if you have an allergy to one of the materials used.

Want to suggest we add something to our Sex Toy Buyers Guide?

If you have any comments or suggestions then feel free to drop us a message. Thanks

Lovehoney 2017 sex toy deals

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