How to Start an Adult Website or Blog

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sex-laptopThis is a brief guide on how to start an adult website or blog with mature content or an X rated theme as there are some specific considerations to take into account when your theme is going to be of an adult nature. Many are under the impression that porn and adult websites are shunned and banned from Google however try a few searches for yourself and you will find that this is not the case. That said it may be more difficult to appear high on searches for extreme content or themes illegal in some countries for the most part resources for helping people to have a better sex life, sex aids and toys, sexual health and education are not frowned upon and are readily available in the SERPS.

1) Do Your Research – Start an Adult Website

If you are interested in creating your own adult themed website or blog then the first step is to do extensive research. For most people writing about sex, sex toys, fetishes and other adult related content stems from a personal interest (ahem, obsession) which always helps when you are going to be required to create a lot of content to be successful. When you set out you need to first consider your niche. Are you going to create a website about the entire subject of sex? or perhaps a more refined niche within the sex industry. You could create a website just about sex positions, or one about BDSM and Bondage, perhaps a website like this one which focuses primarily on sex toys but also delivers a lot of interesting news worthy content which is always relevant, offering useful guides and tips on having a better sex life, sex education and sexual health. It also helps of course to consider how you can monetize your website with products, services or advertising.

With your niche or topic in mind seek out other sites in the same field for inspiration and as a constant source of newsworthy content. If you create a network of several sites like these, subscribe to their feeds via RSS, email newsletter or preferred social network you can re write the best articles from each when you are short on your own unique ideas.

2) Adult Domains

Once you have decided the content type of your website and its main purpose the next task is to think about a brand name and web address. It helps a great amount if your domain matches your branding, is memorable, easy to spell and more importantly available on a domain search. We buy our domains from Namecheap as it is the cheapest online for this kind of service and they are a big company unlikely to go bump anytime soon. We advise trying to get the domain you want as a .com because .com is the most widely known domain extension and a global non country specific domain. In some cases it may also be useful to get the web extension of your native country. In our case that is the

Keyword domains – It is not vital to have the main topic / niche keyword in your domain name however it can help. That said I would not put a keyword in the brand name and web address if it reads and sounds weird and thus takes away from a good quality brand. Some of the most popular brands in the sex and adult industry in the UK “LoveHoney” and “Anne Summers” both don’t include the product terms in the name however sex toy 356 and do. There may be some benefit however there is no comparison to creating high quality unique content.

You can also now get .xxx or .porn extensions and other adult themed domain endings. We are not sure of the usefulness of these at this point however if they help you to get a shorter more memorable domain name and the brand you are after then they may be good to buy in addition to your primary domains or even as a shorter version. Then you could potentially use that as your primary domain and forward a longer more wordy .com .net .org or perhaps domain to your special adult domain.

3) Adult Content Hosting

When creating an adult website or blog the first consideration before you begin spending money and registering for anything is to think about where you can legally and safely host your website. Many hosting services do not allow any form of adult content and that even includes sex toy websites and even some shops where there are semi naked photos such as lingerie images. So the market can be strict and seeking out a host that will not shut your site down unexpectedly is an important step to take early on. We recommend using Bluehost or Siteground for an affordable shared hosting solution that is adult content friendly.

4) Picking a platform

We recommend everyone uses WordPress for their website or blog no matter what industry or purpose you are creating it for. It is easy to update and edit, it is search engine friendly and provided you use the self hosted option and pay for a hosting package there are no limitations on what you can publish. It has been common over the years for sex toy reviewers and sex / adult themed blogs to be setup on however this proved to be a bad move when in 2014 Google decided to ban all adult content from the blogger servers thus effecting hundreds of thousands of sites. They did in the end re-enable the sites but forced all to display a welcome page adult content warning. This is an example of the limitations of building your website or blog on a solution that you don’t host yourself and/or own the domain of.

Note: is not what we advise people use, this is using WordPress on their servers and abiding to their rules. is an alternative approach where you get full WordPress CMS and can self host it on your own server and use your own domain name.

5) Adult Content SEO

When it comes to adult themed search engine optimisation there are some considerations to take into account. That said the fundamentals of SEO in 2015 are very much about creating a high quality website with unique content that is keyword friendly and ensuring your website ticks all the boxes in respect of on-site SEO. Making sure you limit duplicate content, create lots of unique and useful relevant content on a regular basis to keep your website alive, creating a sitemap and using tools such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools to understand what is working and what isn’t are all the important first steps to take when setting up an adult website or blog.

Reach out to others in your field that are complimentary but not direct competition and share ideas, what has worked and a link exchange. This is an approach which is as old as the SEO industry however in moderation it is worth doing however you cannot exploit this to build lots of links as a solid foundation. The only way to generate good quality adult backlinks is to write and publish excellent and useful content that others will find, read, link to and share with others.

The most important take away from this article when starting any website is that creating unique high quality content is the essential factor in increasing your chances of success and turning your website into a business or something that can at least generate some profit. Create useful areas and functionality after you have covered the basics. Ensure your visitors can engage with your comments and discuss their ideas via comments or even a public forum if you have sufficient traffic to maintain one. Different guides and top 10 articles are also a great way to constantly release new content which is interesting to your customer profile.

Listing your website on some adult directories is definitely worth doing when you are first starting out and need to build some early backlinks which are relevant with a high chance of you being accepted and having your link published though again this is only of limited value and cannot be used extensively to generate traffic or improved search engine results.

Another great way to build relationships and network with other adult bloggers and webmasters is to consider guest blogging for an adult sites in return for a few links and potentially having the other person guest blog for you sometimes. This way you are getting involved in the scene, you are reaching out to others and opening opportunities to learn more about the market and subject from others experiences.

6) Adult Social Media

As with any website or blog you will of course want to tie in some aspect of social media, whether that involves social media automation so your website is syndicated with your social accounts and can auto share, like or tweet your content as soon as it gets published on your WordPress website or how to engage and grow your social reach across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other useful networks. There are some things to think about here, some social networks are not big fans of adult content, nudity or anything of that sort and so it can be hard in some instances sharing NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content. Twitter seems to be a free for all of filth, people sharing very explicit content seemingly unregulated and awash with low quality accounts promoting all aspects of sex and adult themed websites and products, the sheer number of self promoting cam girls on Twitter alone must make up for a large percentage. On the other hand Facebook is far more coy about the subject of sex and anything extreme may be removed especially if reported.

Tumblr is another social network which is amass with kink, erotic photography, adult themed memes and other debauchery and something that can be utilized as a tool if you want to run a simple adult blog mostly with the aim of sharing photos, this network can also be used in addition to your adult website but we advise not sharing all of your content on here and creating the same thing in two places.

Consider getting involved with adult specific social networks and establish yourself as an individual or as a brand on sites like Fetlife where you will find all sorts of accounts relative to the kink and fetish world, many sex toy shops are active on this network and many adult bloggers you can talk to and network with.

7) Prepare to Work Hard!! – Run an Adult Blog / Website

Once you have checked off all of the other points, done your research, purchased a domain, developed a brand and setup your adult website or blog the work doesn’t stop there. A website which is built and left to stagnate will never get you any real success and the whole purpose of building this is so people can come and see it and engage. You need to plan out a strong content strategy and publish as regularly as you can, find opportunities to get your website listed or promoted by other websites and so on.

Use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to see how your website or blog is performing, look at things like traffic volume don’t always focus on the numbers initially, if its just 100 hits in a week but it was 50 the week before then look at the progress, the traffic has doubled, sure going up 50 at a time isn’t going to get you anywhere fast but if you continue to double the traffic week on week or month on month then you will begin to see more activity and hopefully conversions if your adult site is setup to monetize the traffic. When you have enough traffic you can begin to dig into the bounce rate, who stays for more than a few seconds and who just leaves straight away indicating it wasn’t what they were looking for. Consider the geo location of your visitors, the kind of sources they are arriving to your website from. Using this information and looking at which keywords you are beginning to rank for in the search results of Google, Bing, Yahoo and any other search engines will give you the insight you need to focus your content writing and marketing efforts moving forward. Build on those successes and work on the longtail keywords first with and take on the primary keywords which are more competitive once you have your foot in the proverbial door.

Do you have any advice or tips from your own experience as a sex blogger or adult themed website webmaster? If so we would love to hear your thoughts, feedback and anything you think would be useful for us to add to this guide. If you found this guide useful then please link back to it from your website or blog to help others who may also be struggling with their project.

In addition if you would like advice or assistance with your adult blog or website then feel free to contact us via our contact form.

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