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If you are looking for the best masturbation experience with a male sex toy then the Fleshlight brand are the ultimate choice! Buy from a company that have pioneered this type of sex toy for men for a number of years and they show no sign of slowing down with their constant innovation.

Fleshlight male masturbators have come a long way in recent years and have grown in popularity greatly. This is for good reason, as they have evolved and allowed for a variety of styles, inserts and materials there is an ever growing range of experiences to enjoy. There are vaginal style options and also anal versions, You can even now have a Flesh light that is designed to look like an alien's vagina or a vampire's mouth!

If it is your first time buying a male sex toy or masturbator then why not pick one up in the sale and try some of the special offers and deals! These sex toys are not all expensive and there are many cheap options available for beginners.

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To further demonstrate how this sex toy enhancement product for men has evolved other additions and accessories now include an optional warming rod for getting the inside of the fleshlight to body temperature for that ultra realistic experience, a virtual sex attachment cap, an iPad holder to watch POV porn while enjoying your masturbator and even a phone strap!

The evolution of the male masturbator and its leading product the Fleshlight continues. It’s success could be likened to the impact rampant rabbits had on the female sex toy market 20 years before.

There are also ranges known as Fleshjacks designed for anal shemale or gay sex simulation. Much like a Fleshlight the Fleshjack masturbators are available in a range modelled after several popular male pornstars.

If you are looking for a realistic blog job from an oral sex toy then why not try out the Turbo Ignition which is available in two distinct flavours to simulate a blow job you will never get tired of!

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Fleshlight Turbo Ignition - Most Realistic Blow Job Sex Toy

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Fleshlight have introduced custom lines over the years since they began in 1998 including using moulds taken from famous male and female pornstars featuring a realistic vagina-like opening for insertion, in other models an anus is used and some even have both.

Recently an even quirkier range has been released featuring orifices inspired by horror characters and other people from folk stories such as Dracula, Frankenstein, Aliens, Predator, Zombies and more.

The Fleshlight is a masturbatory aid according to Wiki and is to be used by inserting an erect penis into the hole / opening and also described as an artificial vagina or artificial anal opening sex-toy and has changed the perception of sex toys designed specifically for men.

Most men would say this is the best male masturbator available on the market that looks good and doesn't take up too much space, as a result, it is also considered one of the more discreet alternatives to having a sex doll or one of the very large realistic vaginas available. Another bonus is that there are lots of cool accessories, options and styles. You can have black or white realistic vaginas, anuses and even mouths. Accessories include an iPad holder, a warming rod and a VR (Virtual Reality) sex adapter! These are fantastic pussy pocket travel buddy for any guys that like to stroke on the go.

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