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The internet has reacted with mixed reviews to the news that Poundland actually sell a £1 sex toy in their stores and people have taken to social media to weigh in with their thoughts. The sex toy which is a bullet style vibrator for only £1 has been available since 2013 however it seems to have hit the news this week after people have reacted upon seeing them in store and sharing their thoughts online.


One Twitter user posted the story of being rumbled with the Poundland dildo sitting on the kitchen surface by two telecoms engineers when the item was in fact a joke secret santa present for someone else. Awkward to say the least! No point trying to expain your way out of that one!


The sex toy comes in one colour (pink) and is being sold alongside other adult items such as condoms, lubricants and cock rings. A spokesperson for the brand was quoted as saying “Alongside the bullet the range also includes various lubricants and three pack Durex and Sure 12 pack condoms, all at its famous £1 price point.

“Poundland is a responsible retailer and encourages safe sex.”

DEIH20161014B-003_C.JPG Picture: Ian Hodgkinson Poundland in East Street, Derby is now selling £1 sex toys.

The sex toy was also discussed on Channel 4’s Sex Box a TV show that features sexologist Goefele Liekens covering all matters of sexual health and pleasure. She went on to say the product was ‘no different to something that you would pay about a hundred pounds for’. which sounds very promising.

For those that don’t know (mostly those from outside the United Kingdom) Poundland is exactly that, a shop where you can buy items for £1 or less. That is about $1.2 in US dollars. Put simply this is the paradise of cheap items, usually of varying/debatable quality and has as a result meant the sex toy has met with some pessimism online from users asking if you could really trust a vibrator from Poundland. Well our view is, it’s £1! It has to be worth a go! Look out for a full product review on Sutra soon!

Lovehoney 2017 sex toy deals
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