Dilduino – Make Your Own Sex Toy at Home

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If you have already heard of an ‘Arduino’ then you might already know where this post is heading but for the many that don’t a little primer. An Arduino is a circuit board and chip set with a few ports this might not sound exciting but it is actually a revolutionary product as it allows pretty much anyone to develop their own electronics prototypes at home and with 3D printing evolving at light speed that can now be used to create your case. So it is not surprising you can already buy modded Arduino’s called the ‘Dilduino‘.


The nifty little device features up to 4 analog inputs for responding to various types of feedback, examples could be squeezing, sucking, shaking etc and 3 high power outputs for driving different vibration motors.

The developers created the product as a first phase of their own sex toy development when creating their first toy named ‘The Mod’ which is the worlds first open source adult pleasure device on the market, they enjoyed the process and wanted to enable others to do the same. Essentially the more budding designers, entrepreneurs and sex toy enthusiasts creating their own sex toys at home could lead to faster development and wider choice in the marketplace and more specialized niche sex toys for the elderly or lessabled for example. The other use of this out of the box is that it can be added into a wearable or insert-able design so users can create their own items of clothing with the device sitting in a neatly sewn pocket.

Boasting up to 1.8A of regulated 3.3v power and JST connector for single cell lithium battery, USB recharging, an array of ports to which other third party arduino compatible sensors can be connected and an open source OSSex Arduino library to fast track your software learning and development. Bring on the sex toy development competitions!

Lovehoney 2017 sex toy deals
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