Couple Has Sex While Sky Diving

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Skydive Sex Couple

If you consider yourself sexually adventurous well you are in for a shock! Trying different sex positions, dressing up, having fun outdoors and using a suitcase full of various sex toys is nothing on the couple who became the first to have sex whilst skydiving over California.

Not many sex acts can lead to you being fired from your job but that is exactly what happened to the sky diving instructor who participated in the video though it will likely only enhance the profile of the other performer in the video who is a female professional pornstar as the video has attracted the attention of counterculture behemoth everybody loves, Howard Stern.

The act begins with both naked on the runway about the board the small aircraft that they will be jumping from. Once they were in the air the pair began to have sex and get ready to jump, we imagine this is to make it practical or even possible as getting erect and beginning the process midair seems impossible. This has however gotten them into trouble with the FAA who are investigating the incident to see if they are able to press charges though no complaints have been filed for public nudity (obviously) but they may have broken a few laws in the process such as distracting a pilot mid air and being nude on the runway before the plane even took off.

They then continue to have sex during the free fall from the plain whilst screaming the whole way down, we aren’t sure if she was faking it or not though.

Skydiving Sex Stunt Under Investigation by NewsyVideos

See the full uncensored video here. Warning, over 18s and not safe for work.


Lovehoney 2017 sex toy deals
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